We all hope we will never have to hire a criminal lawyer but if that time ever comes, it is important to hire the best. If you are in Duval County Florida when you get stopped for DUI, you will need a very good law firm to help you. Getting charged with a DUI in Jacksonville, Florida is a very serious matter and can result in losing your driver’s license or even spending time in jail. Lawyers can help you minimize the damage to your life. The only way to come out of an experience like getting charged with a DUI with as little damage as possible is to hire one of the best lawyers to fight for you and your future.

Why Might You Need a lawyer?

If you are charged with a DUI in Jacksonville, Florida, you should get one of the best lawyers on your side right away. You have no way of knowing all the laws and consequences of driving under the influence in Florida. Good lawyers know all the laws and requirements of fighting for you in a DUI case. Did you know that you must submit a challenge within 10 days of the charge, or risk having your driver’s license suspended? It is possible to lose your license for as much as 18 months. If you can’t drive, you may not be able to get to work or other appointments. If you do not meet the Florida requirements , you may even go to jail, or have added court costs and fines.

DUI Costs

The financial costs of a DUI can be very devastating if you don’t have experienced attorneys working to control the damage. The DUI can go on your car insurance causing rates to go way up, or even the policy to be cancelled. You cannot ignore a DUI charge, or try to defend yourself; you need expert help from a good defense team. Though you will not walk away from a DUI charge with a mere slap on the wrist, a good law team can help you keep the damages to a minimum.

Legal Consultation

Consulting a law firm does not cost anything but your time. The cost of the attorney defending you can be discussed before you agree to hire him or her. Your lawyers will need to be honest and realistic with you, so you know what to expect when you go to court. You need an attorney who has experience with this type of case and has a good track record winning them. This is not the time to face the legal system alone.

Discovering the Benefits Of Hiring an Attorney

Driving under the influence or DUI is a term used by many states to describe people driving while intoxicated or attorneys_jacksonvilleimpaired. This is very serious as it puts other drivers at risk, so state laws establish and set to enforce stronger laws every year. Penalties get worse every year. Generally legal intoxication level is at 0.08% or higher, but special circumstances can change that. The laws of Florida and other states can be confusing and very complicated. Hiring an attorney who knows all the ins and outs of various DUI laws is a big advantage.

After Arrest

Once you have been arrested and charged with DUI, attorneys are trained to help you clearly understand the charges and what you may be facing. They can explain all the possible consequences of your actions and direct you to the most beneficial defense. Your lawyers can explain what punishment is normally given for your type of case and how to get the least punishment. A good attorney can mean the difference in losing your license and keeping it. They can get you a plea bargain in some cases.

Hiring a legal team can give you someone to run interference for you with the various agencies and offices, like the department of motor vehicles, involved in prosecuting DUI cases. An attorney can make the phone calls, fill out the paperwork, take care of scheduling and represent you in the court hearings. Our lawyers know what defenses and arguments will work in which courtrooms, and how to get the best outcome for each of our clients.

If you are in a profession that requires a clean criminal and driving record, or you make your living as a professional driver, you need a good DUI attorney on your side to salvage your driving record as much as possible. If you were more than double the legal limit, caused an accident or have had prior DUI’s the need for an attorney is even more important. Because these circumstances can mean extremely harsh punishment, you need a good attorney to obtain the least sentence possible for the charge.

How To Hire A Law Firm

Even if you are offered a plea bargain for your DUI charge, you still need good Jacksonville DUI lawyers to decide if the deal offered you is a good one. Our attorneys will protect your interests by negotiating with the district attorney, do the proper things in court and say the right things in court to get you the best result.

When hiring a lawyer, you need an initial consultation to talk to the lawyer and decide which lawyer is best for you. The initial meeting will cost you nothing but your time. Hire the lawyer that has the best record winning you kind of case. Find an attorney who will be a good advocate for you in court and one who can fight for you and your rights. Find a lawyer who can get you the best result with the smallest punishment.

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